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Terms and conditions

WWW.TRTRANSFERS.COM as being a subsidiary of LEISURES UNLIMITED TOURISM & TRAVEL AGENCY licensed to Marmaris Commercial Chamber under Legal Turkish Trade Companies registration with the company name Z.E.N. TUR. TIC. TEKSTIL INS. ITH. IHR. REKLAM LTD. STI. is located at Merkez Mah. Sehit Ahmet Benler Cad. 310 Sok. No: 2 Armutalan-Marmaris/Mugla Turkey acts as the booking agent for third party transport providers. The content of this documents states the conditions, liabilities and bindings of sides to eachother throughout the mutual cooperation at transportation services.

a) Reading of whole document is a must and will be evaluated as per articles has been perceived by transportation providers means you.

b) Our website: is the on-line travel shop where you can book your airport transfers from / to any specific airport or holiday resort or resorts that have been advertised on the website.

c) Transfer bookings have to be reserved by users aged 18 and above only. Parents, relatives or any familiars with mentioned age limits may book for ages below 18. Mind that we have no attendants or such supervising services for small kids or infants.

d) Due to the unexpected conditions may implement a fatal situation on our business, we are entitled to refuse any bookings settled by you. The natural course of your booking will be finalised with a confirmation ("phrase: Voucher Ref. No:" Code to follow your booking and correspondences) e-mail to your adress whenever you entered all required items in our booking form.

e) All flights local times and flight codes, accomodation names (for hotels & apartments), clear adress (for private properties, sites or villas) have to be given whilst your booking otherwise TRTRANSFERS.COM can not be hold responsible for the fail of the service. We will always try to contact or correspond to you from the informations entered in your booking form should be correct for our safe connection otherwise TRTRANSFERS.COM is excluded from any liabilities of undertaken services. It is also essential to give all contact numbers (mobile is for instant access) of the person whom has been authorized as the party leader even with an alternative person contacts so as to be keep in touch quick and accurate for unexpected cases. Never forget to signify your special requests (section is in your booking form, eg: baby seat) to rebuild the convenient service but limited in our transportation policies (some requests may happen with extra charge); unspecified requests are excluded from our responsibilities and special requests will never be definite unless they are replied or confirmed by us. Note that transfers of Disabled People have to be Private and type of vehicle might be changed to an expensive one (eg: minibus instead of car) related with the number of passengers at the same booking.
"MY BOOKINGS" tab is the main tool on our web page to see the details of your booking and you can make any modifications or amendments of your transfer schedule 12 hours before your landing time (as being decribed at primary booking) in Turkey with your urgent mail has to be sent to modify@hitturkey.com. For last minute changes please call immediately to our Service Line or Emergency Line (do not forget to refer for the Reference No on voucher). Please see article "l" for amendment policies.

f) TRTRANSFERS.COM holds a none delay charge policy for the flight delays of up to 6 hours. If your flight is delayed more, you might be asked for an excess charge. Please try to give us a prior notice (email or phone call our numbers) to revise our transfer schedule. We also need your urgent corresponding for flight code varieties!

g) Shuttle transfers operates from / to relevant airports & resorts advertised on our webiste, are shared vehicles; means the obligation to share the vehicle with other people. As much as we try to manipulate door to door shuttle services but sometimes may not be possible because of the narrow roads, road blockings and consructions, local festivals or demonstrations, etc might be ended to drop off the nearest certain point to your accomodation or you can be invited to a proper car to finalize your transfer. For a comfortable transfer you should give the full address in the resort at your booking form, alternatively you can be dropped off a certain point and picked up from the same point due to your approval. Shuttles are the cheap option to arrive your accomodation destination in smooth way, but there might be maximum waiting time of 1 hour after your meeting with our airport representative. The luggage limits on the shuttle transfers are exactly as same as the flight luggage allowance; a standard size of luggage plus a hand bag. Any excess luggage can be carried at the discretion of the airport controller / driver may arise an extra charge. While your luggages are loading onto the shuttle, you need to supervise and ensure that all of your luggage is definitely fixed. Note that luggage is totally your responsibility and TRTRANSFERS .COM will not be hold liable for any luggage losses, damages, etc. Be sure you have put each item of your luggage in the vehicle when you are getting in and that they are all discharged during your drop off since our vehicles are used for a large number transfers.

h) Private Transfers are provided to the person or parties who preferably make this choice in their booking form and any car sharing with unfamiliar people is out of scope for Private Transfers. The standby time for Private customers can not exceed the arrival of the last guest in the mentioned reservation. Luggage policy is rather same with the flight luggage allowance even engaged with the type and model of the car. The statements about your Contact Numbers, Accomodation adress at resort or insufficient road conditions are quite same as being advised in article "g". In case of handling another car bigger than the proper model reserved, no extra charge will be occured (eg: minibus instead of car).

i) You have to call the local office between 16-24 hours before your departure flight time to learn the accurate pick-up time from your accomodation or transfer point. We also need your call if our car will be delayed more than 15 minutes to pick-up point in your departure transfer (vehicle times are flexible – or +15 min of your given pick-up time) without any pre-notice. In case of any changes to your accommodation or return flight home, you must inform us asap so we can update your transfer details for the correct arrangement. Mind that all required informations of our contacts are detailed in your transfer voucher having been emailed to you as soon as you submit your reservation or you may reach it anytime on our web. We can not be kept responsible if the significances above are not being undertaken by the passangers. We strictly advise to note our phone numbers and your booking reference not to meet any difficulties in the course of your transportation. Unless the CALL CONFIRMATION is not received, TRTRANSFERS.COM can not be responsible for your departure transfer failures. Never omit or delay to call our numbers if you can not meet or find our Airport Representative. Assigning the timetables of transfers are arranged with respect to accurate flight times (frequent check always made from Airports), numbers of passengers, vehicles occupancies and distances between the accomodations of the guests at the same hours flights. Luggage procedures of departure are as same as how happened in arrivals. Refreshment breaks is under the authority of TRTRANSFERS.COM can not be exceed 10 minutes in each 75 minutes long travels.

j) We always refer to be the chaser of our practises to improve our level of service each day adopted to your pleasure and comfort so we need your feedbacks in your possibilities. Please email to feedback@trtransfers.com for all your pros and cons. They will be all responded or resolved within 28 days of your mail reception. We guarantee to refund your transfer cost for the compensated mistakes (eg: delay of vehicle or staff, etc) but may pay your reasonable incurred transfer expenses if service is not carried out at all. We can not be hold responsible for flight missing costs.

k) Methods of Payments: 1- Pay on Arrival; you should pay cash the whole sum (arrival & departure services) to our representative at your Arrival Destination Airport in GBP, EURO, USD or Turkish Lira calculated from the current exchange rate. 2- Card Payments; on-line payment drafted from your credit or debit card whilst the payment step of your booking with regards to your selection of "card payment". No extra fees (admin, comission, etc) will be accessed to your card and TRTRANSFERS.COM never sees your credit card details - payments are processed by Garanti Bank (3rd biggest bank of Turkey) with SSL support.

l) Information Faults & Amendments: We do reserve the right to charge a 60 TL (or equivalent currency in GBP, EURO, USD) of administration fee at your arrival or departure for any missleads or information faults sourced from you. Per Amendments in each bookings made between 5-11 hours before your transfer time will also be priced from the same cost. Less than 5 hours modifications will not be approved but may compensate as surcharged over actual Private Transfer Rates from the requested vehicle type.

m) Our vehicles have to wait around 1 hours in shuttle transfers till the arrival of the last guest assigned to the same car. Standby time can not be exceeded if any customer is obliged to wait more than an hour for luggage loss or reasons alike may cause to hire a taxi or to pay over private transfer rates. In the event of a problem with luggages, please send a person from your party to the meeting point to advise our representative / driver for the delay. Standby time and customers delay surcharge is rather same for Private Transfers as being stated above but needs the approval of party leader to depart earlier than an hour. Our company can not be hold responsible for airliners luggage loses.

n) Cancellations: You may cancell your booking at any time. The admin fee of 30% will be charged for the cancellations made between 3-7 days to your travelling date then the rest from the total amount of booking will be refunded asap. Cancellations occured over 7 days from your travelling date will be refunded after the deduction of 3% card fees if discharged by credit or debit card.
Last Minute Cancellations Charges:
Between 48-72 hours; 50% of total will be deducted
Between 12-47,99 hours; 70% of total will be deducted
Between 0-11,99 hours; 100% of total will be deducted

o) No-Show & Go-Show: The passengers do not arrive to Destination Airport or not exist at pick-up time in accomodated/transfer point areas along a reasonable standby time will be evaluated as no-show customers and never refunded. However the passengers who will not be exist along 10 minutes of waiting from pick-up time in the predefined transfer point at their departure transfer will not be refunded at all so as to be charged as no-show fee. The additional people not reserved in per booking will be operated as go-show and surcharged according to transfer (eg: shuttle / private) and vehicle type (eg: car / minibus) within the approval of our Airport Representative. We strongly recommend to give us a prior information in your soonest possibility to adobt our service for your comfort.

p) All vehicles are secured with 3rd person liability seat insurance with the limits between 10.000 – 40.000 EUROS due to vehicle type & model. This does not mean your holiday insurance has to be made by your own in your country, seals only event of death or damages during your transfers only. We are responsible within the official report prepared by the legal or security forces of Turkey and can not be subjected to pay for any of damages or harms not mentioned in these reports. Guests should apply directly to the insurance company for the recompensation of their damages.

q) TRTRANSFERS.COM e-mails of departments are defined below:

1- Contact: contact@trtransfers.com

2- Bookings: reservation@trtransfers.com

3- Modifications & Amendments: modify@trtransfers.com

4- Feedback: feedback@trtransfers.com

5- General: info@trtransfers.com

*** We strongly advise to state your voucher reference (should be consist in your booking) for all your correspondences.

r) Shameful Acts: TRTRANSFERS.COM employees reserve the rights to reject the transfer service without any refund for passengers whom acts ashamed in the course of journey means:

1- Drunk enough to disturb other guests in the car

2- Speaking loud enough to disturb other guests in the car

3- Abusing

4- Agressive to other guests in the car

s) As being a Turkish company TRTRANSFERS.COM are strictly binded to Turkish Trade Regulations (member of Marmaris Commercial Chamber with reg. no: 6062) and Trade Laws. However we do aim to solve all disputes with a moderate and flexible approach not to aggrieve our customers rights as well as the company benefits and our actual policy manifests to compromise mutually on matters of disputes or disagreements. Sides are arbitrary use of their rights to apply Marmaris Courts in case of negotiations failures or deadlocks between parties.